Place: Kaleidoscope Cafe (Lawrenceville)
BYO'd:  Chappellet Cabernet Sauvignon
Corkage Fee:  $2.50/person
BYO Buzz: Cute place - off the beaten path of Butler Street (still reminiscent of prior place, River Moon Cafe).  Good food, nice mix of choices on the menu.  Great value!

Atmosphere: Cozy,probably seats around 40 people max.   They really took the kaleidoscope theme and ran with it in the decor

Service:  Service was good, slower, but she was taking care of the entire place! 

In typical BYO-ing fashion, we split all of the below

first course - Kaleidoscope Salad

Great on this Spring-like day in January! 50+ degrees, we'll take it!
Spinach, avocado, tomatoes, roasted corn and everyone's favorite - bacon (cooked to the perfect doneness - in a's opinion).  Served with their homemade citrus-cilantro dressing.  We both thought it was a great match. The only complaint is that there wasn't enough avocado....maybe a seasonal thing???

second course - fried gnocchi with marinara
Does this sounds as exciting to as it did to us?

AHHH, the Italian tater tot;)
Lightly fried, amazing sauce, a perfect mix of salty and sweet.   Like little pasta pillows, very fluffy! AND served with cute little "gnocchi forks".

main - "The Cow Jumped Over the Blue Moon Pasta"

Great gorgonzola cream sauce tossed with fettuccine, topped with a nice portion of beef and carmelized onions.  The best bite included a little of each.  It was also served with a side of crushed nuts to top off the deliciousness.

dessert - lemon tart with berry drizzle ain't kiddin'

Well the tart was definitely tart....very lemon-y, could have used more fluff in the filling....too dense.   Berry drizzle non existent in taste.  over powered by lemon?  The best part was the rosemary had a shortbread taste.
The Wine

From A's dad's collection, very nice, not too bold Cab.  medium on the dry scale, if you like fruitier reds, this would not be for you.  Less sweet, which went well with our selections 

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