Inspired by this post on pinterest to this awesome DIY-er who has great jewelry taste and knows her way around a Home Depot, I decided to give it a try this rainy Sunday morning.  Just a few trials and 20 minutes later, a shiny new fashion accessory!

I think i just found my new go-to gift!

From HD's Hardware section
-4 small (5/16" dia) zinc cut washers (loose washers in the drawers below the washer/screw section)
-2 packs (of 6) 1/2" dia SAE washers (they come in little orange plastic packs hanging on the wall at Home Depot, item#19861)
-7 x zinc cut washers1/2" (again, loose from the drawer below)*

From your favorite craft store:
-2.5 yards 5/8" double-sided ribbon
(i just purchased 2 spools of the ribbon, couldn't decide between a pink and royal blue, now i'll have to make a couple extras, maybe a nice Mother's Day gift?)

Layout your supplies, in the order you'll string the washers through the ribbon, and have at it!
After you initially secure the end of the ribbon to your first washer, you just weave the ribbon back and forth like your putting on one of these d-ring belts.  The original blog does a great job of step by step instructions.
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Really, Mike McCort.... Hmmmm.... Maybe you can make your wife one? Just sayin' ;).

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