Much like our last attempt for a BYO "night in Paris" when we tried to review Paris 66 (no longer BYO),
tonight's original excursion was thwarted.  We had scheduled to check out J'eet on Penn Ave, however, due to lack of research we showed up and it was closed.  Apparently with their new hours, they are only open for dinner Thurs- Sat.  We shall try again.  Perhaps next week.

BUT! lucky for us, our favorite city has plenty of options nearby and we moved to our next location a couple blocks away in Bloomfield - Sausalido.
_Place: Sausalido
BYO'd: One French Red, La Vieille Ferme.  Blend, chosen based on name and label - rustic looking.
Corkage Fee:  $3/person ($6 total)
BYO Buzz: Good stuff.  Warm and filling on a rainy night.  Pricier than you might initially think. (entrees $17-$28 range)

Atmosphere: Cozy,cute chalkboard-like tables with glass mosaic inlays caught our attention immediately.   Jammin to the oldies on the sound system, followed by some hot Prince tracks (little music identity issue there, but enjoyed by our tastes)

Service:  Kevin was very friendly and informative, and patient with our slow decision making skills.
To start- a Cannellini bean dip with EVOO and a balsamic reduction drizzled over diced tomatoes. It was served with multi-grain was no Schwebel's but it served it purpose well. The bean dip was a nice switch up, heartier.
JINX YOU OWE ME A GLASS OF WINE :) Our first appetizer: Sweet Potato Gnoochi with a cinnamon sage reduction and toasted pecans(mostly cinnamon less on the sage taste). We thought this was such a neat idea and could have even been an entree or dessert - it was pretty sweet tasting. After the first bite we we both said "MMMMM, very seasonal," it true JINX-fashion.
YOU HAD ME AT BACON/GOAT CHEESE....but then you lost me at zucchini Appetizer #2 Roasted Stuff Zucchini with chevre goat cheese. hickory drizzle and and bacon. It was basically loaded fries, but with zucchini. L liked it but really missed the french fry part. A liked it since it tasted mostly like bacon, actually it overwhelmed all the other stuff going on, even the goat cheese.
THE MAIN ATTRACTION-Apparently Sausalido's specialty is their Daily risotto. We both found it very special :) Wednesday's Risotto had chicken, plum tomatoes, havarti cheese (lots of it) and spinach. It was so cheesy and so tasty! There was plenty to share, and we did. We both took some home and it was a great reheat! It was served with a salad. which they gave us 2, knowing we were splitting our entree. Homemade dressing - blend between creamy italian and ranch. good stuff!
YUM! Was it because it tasted great or was it because it was much neede? Either way the wine was great. I will try it on a less needy day (if there ever is one) and report back. Tasty blend. The original thought was to pick a french red since we were going to J'eet (yeah, we know its not "french" but sounds like it would be.)
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